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Directed by: Adrian Sitaru

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Movie poster Nieprawi
Original title: Illegitim
Runtime: 91 min.
Production: Rumunia/Polska/Francja , 2016
Category: drama
Release Date: 13 January 2017

Directed by: Adrian Sitaru
Cast: Adrian Titieni, Alina Grigore, Robi Urs

A seemingly trivial event - a dinner family Anghelescou. The father Victor (Adrian Titieni) confronts during the meal about physics. At some point, the eldest son Cosma (Bogdan Albulescu) mentions that the father's name was on the list of people who dictatorship reported for women wanting an abortion. The mood is changing rapidly. Victor defends itself pointing out that he is actually opposed to abortion, which the twins Sasha (Alina Grigore) and Romi (Makes Urs) owe their lives because the mother wanted to remove the pregnancy. Innocent meeting ends with a real family "earthquake".

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