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Mr. Gaga

Directed by: Tomer Heymann

Cinema program "Mr. Gaga" in Kraków

Cinema   Friday, 24 March
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Movie poster Mr. Gaga
Original title: Mr. Gaga
Runtime: 100 min.
Production: Izrael/Szwecja/Niemcy/Holandia , 2015
Category: documentary / biography
Release Date: 10 March 2017
Distribution: Gutek Film

Directed by: Tomer Heymann
Cast: Ohad Naharin, Tzofia Naharin, Avi Belleli

"Mr. Gaga "is the most interesting film about contemporary dance since" Pina "(Variety), while the winner of numerous awards at international festivals audience. This is a film for understanding the relationship of the body and movement with our emotions.

"Mr. Gaga "tells the story of a brilliant choreography Ohadzie Naharinie, long-standing boss of the most famous contemporary dance team from Israel - Batsheva Dance Company. The director Tomer Heymann accompanied the artist for 8 years to show his life and a remarkable evolution as a dancer, creator and man. Heymann record both his private life, the course of rehearsals and classes developed by Naharin's movement language - GAGA - enabling everyone to express their emotions through dance. In conjunction with the previously exclusive concert archive material and fragments of dance performances Batsheva get a fascinating story of a man who revolutionized the world of contemporary dance.

The movement is a way of understanding each other. Who carefully listens carefully to your body, to exceed their limits. Ohad Naharin

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Average rate: 9.0
rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0
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