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Cinema program "Kedi" in Kraków

Cinema   Wednesday, 16 August
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Agrafka 15:45 ticket
ARS: Kiniarnia 12:20 16:00 ticket
Cinema City Galeria Kazimierz 2d 17:00 ticket
Kijów.Centrum 14:00 19:15
Kino Kika 14:00 19:30 ticket
Kino Mikro 12:15
Kino Pod Baranami 11:00 17:45 ticket
Movie poster Kedi - sekretne życie kotów
Original title: Kedi
Runtime: 79 min.
Production: Turcja/USA , 2016
Category: documentary
Release Date: 28 July 2017
Distribution: M2 Films

Directed by: Ceyda Torun
Cast: Bulent Ustun

Phenomenal documentary on the life of Istanbul cats, who is discovering the fascinating world seen from the feline perspective.

Istanbul is a city with an extraordinary history spanning thousands of years and at the same time one of the most authentic cats in the world. Cats, having their unique, honorable place, are an integral part of the local community. They live on the edge of two worlds - wild and civilized: they have no owners, but each day they accompany the inhabitants in times of sadness and joy.

They are predatory, stubborn, determined, but also grateful, joyful and faithful. And indeed they are the most important inhabitants of Istanbul - the hidden treasure of the city, tireless companions and an invisible mirror in which everyone can see. Just look at the world from their perspective.

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Average rate: 7.0
rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0
16 votes. | Rate movie
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Movie trailer: Kedi

Your comments

Halinka 28. July 2017, 18:38

Kocham koty oraz ten film. Polecam prawdziwym miłośnikom kotów. Jakie one słodkie... ;)

Asia 25. July 2017, 14:17

Juz lubie ten film,bo sama mam koty.

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