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Bumse och tjuvstaden

Directed by: Christian Ryltenius

Cinema program "Bumse och tjuvstaden" in Kraków

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Movie poster Miś Bamse i miasto złodziei
Original title: Bumse och tjuvstaden
Runtime: 66 min.
Production: Szwecja , 2014
Category: animation / family
Release Date: 7 July 2017
Distribution: Vivarto

Directed by: Christian Ryltenius
Cast: Peter Haber, Morgan Alling, Steve Kratz

Bamse must protect his grandmother from the bad fox Reynard. Unfortunately, this one is kidnapped, which made it impossible for her to make honey that makes Bamse the strongest bear in the world. So he and his friends - turtles and rabbits - go on a dangerous journey to the Forest of Thieves. The adventurous expedition will let them see how great the power of friendship.

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Movie trailer: Bumse och tjuvstaden

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