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Wilde Maus

Directed by: Josef Hader

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Movie poster Wilde maus
Original title: Wilde Maus
Runtime: 103 min.
Production: Austria/Niemcy , 2017
Category: comedy / crime / drama
Release Date: 28 July 2017
Distribution: Aurora Films

Directed by: Josef Hader
Cast: Georg Friedrich, Josef Hader, Jorg Hartmann

Presented in the Main Competition at this year's Berlinale, a sweet-bitter story about middle-aged crisis. The picture is a brilliant directorial debut of esteemed actor, Josef Hader.

The film had a Polish premiere at the 23rd Festival of Film Festival SPRING OF FILMS. The cinema premiere is scheduled for July 28, 2017.

The hero of the comedy is famous music critic Georg, who one day, as a result of cutting costs in the publishing house, is fired from work. Losing a job is so humiliating for Georg that a man can not admit defeat to his much younger Johanna. That same evening, Johanna poses a question to her husband's manhood, suggesting that his sperm is aging, which may be the reason why a woman is unable to become pregnant for three years.

What even worse can happen? Desperate Georg vows revenge on former employer ...

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Average rate: 6.0
rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0
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Movie trailer: Wilde Maus

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Madelaine 31. July 2017, 21:42

Wg mnie świetny i do tego bardzo życiowy film :)

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