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Stupid Young Heart

Holmo nuori sydan
Directed by: Selma Vilhunen

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Movie poster Głupie, młode serce
Original title: Holmo nuori sydan
Runtime: 102 min.
Production: Finlandia/Holandia/Szwecja , 2018
Release Date: 21 February 2020
Distribution: Bomba Film

Directed by: Selma Vilhunen
Cast: Pihla Viitala, Ville Haapasalo, Rosa Honkonen

In this year's GENERATION 14PLUS competition at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival STUPID, YOUNG HEART was honored with the highest prize - the Crystal Bear. Congratulations to the creators and we are glad that we will introduce this amazing film to your favorite cinemas!

STUPID, YOUNG HEART (Hölmö nuori sydän)

Selma Vilhunen, Finland 2018 (102 min)

The Crystal Bear in the GENERATION 14PLUS competition at the Berlin International Film Festival 2019

Briefly about the film:

A wise, warm, brutally real picture of young people and problems that they face in schools and in the yards of modern Europe.


Kiira and Leni are a strange-looking teen couple: she - the fair-haired goddess; on skater-suchoklates. At one of the parties, Leni's dream finally comes true and she spends a few moments with Kiira in private, as a result of which the girl becomes pregnant.

They decide to save the child.

The situation quickly outgrows parents with hope. Especially Leni, who got involved among Finnish Perky Boys getting ready to resist the supposedly coming wave of Muslim immigrants. Leni feels like Kiira among the radicals around him, among her psisels, freed from all prejudices. The meeting of these two different worlds, forced by pregnancy, quite unexpectedly seasoned with a sincere and surprisingly mature feeling of love, can not do without victims.

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Movie trailer: Stupid Young Heart

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