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CATASTROPHIC. When catastrophic climate change is beginning to threaten Earth, governments around the world unite and form a program called the Dutch Boy Program. It includes a network of satellites that... more about movie

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20 October 2017

Film 14059 small 1
Ach śpij kochanie
Directed by: Krzysztof Lang
Cast: Karolina Gruszka, Tomasz Schuchardt, Katarzyna Warnke, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Andrzej Chyra
Category: crime / thriller

Pleasure of Polish cinema stars in Osnutym on the facts of the thriller about love, which leads to the crime.

For several years people have been disappearing in Cracow and its surroundings. A total of... more

Film 14061 small 1
Ana, mon amour
Directed by: Calin Peter Netzer
Cast: Diana Cavallioti, Mircea Postelnicu, Carmen Tanase
Category: drama

Winner of the Silver Bear at Berlinale 2017

The effect is moving. As if Linklater had assembled his trilogy "Before Sunrise, Sunset and North" in a single movie.
The Film Stage

Awarded the... more

Film 14062 small 1
Directed by: Łukasz Borowski
Category: documentary

240 kilometers, 1200 meters of climbing and only 52 hours to beat the murderous route are participants of the Run 7 of the Peaks. Runners are not sleeping, they have no stops and even meals they take... more

Film 14068 small 1
Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem
Directed by: Bodo Kox
Cast: Olga Bołądź, Piotr Polak, Sebastian Stankiewicz
Category: drama / romance / sci-fi

"Man with a magic box" - this is an extraordinary story of love that can overcome all the boundaries of space-time. We will star in Olga Bołądź ("Botoks") and Piotr Polak's debut in the lead role. On... more

Film 14063 small 1
Directed by: Dean Devlin
Cast: Katheryn Winnick, Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish
Category: action / sci-fi / thriller

CATASTROPHIC. When catastrophic climate change is beginning to threaten Earth, governments around the world unite and form a program called the Dutch Boy Program. It includes a network of satellites that... more

Film 14257 small 1
Patti Cake$
Directed by: Geremy Jasper
Cast: Danielle Macdonald, Bridget Everett, Siddharth Dhananjay
Category: drama / music

The undisputed hit of this year's Sundance and Cannes festivals, Geremy Jasper's debut, begins with strong hip-hop beats and is finally touching Danielle Macdonald's glorious role.
Patricia... more

Film 14060 small 1
The Mountain Between Us
Directed by: Hany Abu-Assad
Cast: Idris Elba, Kate Winslet, Dermot Mulroney
Category: action / adventure / drama

Two alien strangers who have come to life with the crash of a small plane are trapped in inaccessible, ice-cold mountains. When they realize that the expected help is not coming, they are forced to set... more

Film 14064 small 1
Happy Family
Directed by: Holger Tappe
Cast: Emily Watson, Jason Isaacs, Nick Frost
Category: animation / comedy / family

A terrifyingly funny and frighteningly animated story about a family of grim, though clumsy monsters.

Fay SIelska is an ordinary, somewhat rebellious teenager. Her younger brother Max, due to his... more

13 October 2017

Film 12572 small 1
Dwie Korony
Directed by: Michał Kondrat
Cast: Adam Woronowicz, Cezary Pazura, Maciej Musiał, Antoni Pawlicki, Dominika Figurska, Sławomir Orzechowski, Artur Barciś
Category: documentary

"Two Crowns" is the first film to reveal the previously unknown facts of the life of Fr. Maksymilian Kolbe, from his childhood to the heroic decision to give his life as a confidant in Auschwitz.... more

Film 14052 small 1
Emojimovie: Express Yourself
Directed by: Anthony Leondis
Cast: T.J. Miller, Patrick Stewart, Jennifer Coolidge
Category: adventure / animation / comedy

Comedy "Emoticons. The film reveals to us the secret world of our smartphones. Hidden behind the application we use, sending messages, bustling city Textopolis is the place where live and work emotki.... more

Film 14053 small 1
Directed by: Fatih Akin
Cast: Tristan Göbel, Aniya Wendel, Justina Humpf
Category: comedy / drama / family

Teenager is a typical loner: there are no friends, girls and hobbies. Everything changes when he is on his way Chick - a rash teenager, a rebellious and troublemaker, who without bending to alcohol or... more

Film 14056 small 1
The Crucifixion
Directed by: Xavier Gens
Cast: Sophie Cookson, Corneliu Ulici, Brittany Ashworth
Category: horror / mystery / thriller

Based on the true events of the horror writer of the hit scenario "PRESENCE" and "PRESENCE 2" and producer of the scary series "ANNABELLE". Xavier Gens, the creator of the acclaimed "Frontière (s)", and... more

Film 14054 small 1
Ce qui nous lie
Directed by: Cedric Klapisch
Cast: Francois Civil, Yamee Couture, Ana Girardot
Category: comedy / drama

Juliette is young, industrious and energetic, but she never expected her weight to run her old, declining family vineyard. In order to restore its former splendor, it must not only redistribute the... more

Film 14055 small 1
The Snowman
Directed by: Tomas Alfredson
Cast: Rebecca Ferguson, Michael Fassbender, Charlotte Gainsbourg
Category: crime / drama / horror

Rebecca Ferguson ("Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation", "Life"), Charlotte Gainsbourg ("Independence Day 2", Melancholia) and Oscar winner J.K. Simmons ("Whiplash") in the thrilling "First Snow" thriller.... more

Film 14058 small 1
Villads fra Valby
Directed by: Frederik Meldal Norgaard
Cast: Luca Reichardt Ben Coker, Iben Dorner, Frederik Meldal Norgaard
Category: comedy / family

The film's protagonist is a six-year-old with ideas and an inexhaustible energy. Still, there are some amazing stories that, according to the boy, are fun. However, adults often have different opinions,... more

Film 14050 small 1
Directed by: Maciej Sobieszczański
Cast: Jakub Gierszał, Zofia Wichłacz, Danuta Stenka
Category: drama / war

"Zgoda" is a moving love story, set in the difficult times of the end of the Second World War. The story of two young men (Jakub Gierszal - "Suicide Room", "All I Love" and Julian Świeżewski - "Wołyń")... more

6 October 2017

Film 14043 small 1
Blade Runner 2049
Directed by: Denis Villeneuve
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright
Category: sci-fi / thriller

When Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" hit theaters in 1982, the world went wild with a bold vision of the future, and the movie quickly became one of the most important science fiction portraits in cinema... more

Film 14256 small 1
Apocalypse Child
Directed by: Mario Cornejo
Cast: Sid Lucero, Annicka Dolonius, RK Bagatsing
Category: drama

Crystal waves, bright beaches, skin exposed to the sun, sleepy atmosphere of the end of the season. It's Baler, the place where three decades ago Francis Ford Coppola spent several months during the... more

Film 14044 small 1
Una Mujer Fantastica
Directed by: Sebastián Lelio
Cast: Francisco Reyes, Luis Gnecco, Aline Kuppenheim
Category: drama

Orlando (Francisco Reyes) plans a birthday surprise for his much younger partner, Marina (Daniela Vega). The gift is given to her during the romantic evening, which she spends in Santiago for supper and... more

Film 14045 small 1
Como Nossos Pais
Directed by: Lais Bodanzky
Cast: Clarisse Abujamra, Jorge Mautner, Annalara Prates
Category: drama

The warmth of the recent Berlinale drama "I am Rosa" is part of the growing feminist trend of the Iberian cinema. The emancipatory drama is another picture of the cult hero of the "Seven-headed Beast",... more

Film 14046 small 1
My Little Pony: The Movie
Directed by: Jayson Thiessen
Cast: Emily Blunt, Zoe Saldana, Liev Schreiber
Category: adventure / animation / comedy

The beloved children's heroes all over the world finally on the big screen!

My Little Pony is a global brand whose huge popularity translates into more than one billion dollars in annual revenue from... more

Film 14047 small 1
Directed by: Norman Leto
Cast: Andrzej Chyra, Danuta Banach, Stanisław Banach
Category: drama / mystery

PHOTON is a kind of summary of human knowledge about life and evolution. It visualizes what we know today about the process of matter formation. This is not a strictly scientific or film film, but the... more

Film 14048 small 1
Twój Vincent
Directed by: Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman
Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson
Category: animation / biography / crime

On July 27, 1890, a slim figure walks in the dusky twilight through the streets of the French town of Auvers. The man has nothing on him; The hands press against the fresh gunshot wound, which bleeds... more

Film 14049 small 1
Home Again
Directed by: Hallie Meyers-Shyer
Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Lake Bell, Nat Wolff
Category: comedy / drama / romance

The star of the revelatory series "BIG LITTLE" and the Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon in the humor and emotion of a romantic comedy about a single, for which the love triangle is definitely not enough!... more

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