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Directed by: Amanda Sthers

Cinema program "Madame" in Kraków

Cinema   Thursday, 22 March
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ARS: Kiniarnia 15:30 ticket 21:15 ticket
Cinema City Bonarka 2d 13:40 ticket 18:00 ticket
Cinema City Galeria Kazimierz 2d 12:50 ticket 16:50 ticket
Cinema City Plaza 2d 11:10 ticket 16:10 ticket
Cinema City Zakopianka 2d 12:30 ticket 17:30 ticket
Galeria Bronowice Mikro 15:45 ticket
Kijów.Centrum 13:45 16:00
Kino Pod Baranami w MOS 17:00 ticket
Movie poster Madame
Original title: Madame
Runtime: 91 min.
Production: Francja , 2017
Category: comedy / drama
Release Date: 8 March 2018
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Amanda Sthers
Cast: Toni Collette, Harvey Keitel, Rossy de Palma

Oscar nominees - Toni Collette ("Little Miss") and Harvey Keitel ("Bugsy", "Grand Budapest Hotel") and movie star Pedro Almodóvar - Rossy de Palma ("Kika", "Flower of my secret") in a hilarious comedy about modern Cinderella. Higher spheres, romances, mezalianse and real love - all this in a movie that just "grabs for the heart" (Screendaily).

To spice up the fused relationship - Anne (Toni Collette) and Bob (Harvey Keitel), a rich and well-placed couple from America, moves to a charming estate in Paris. After moving to the city of love, the couple decide to give a luxury party to their distinguished friends. During the preparations, it turns out that exactly thirteen guests will come to the party. Concerned by the unlucky number of people who believe in superstitions, Anne comes up with an unusual idea. He decides to persuade his maid Maria (Rossy de Palma) to pretend at the party ... a Spanish aristocrat. The situation seems to be overcome. At least until time! All you need is a few glasses of wine and a relaxing atmosphere, so that a resolute maidservant catches the eye of a British dealer. But Maria's turbulent affair is completely unheard of Anne, who will do everything to separate a pair of unexpected lovers.

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