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Directed by: Jakub Charon

Cinema program "Totem" in Kraków

Cinema   Saturday, 16 December
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Cinema City Bonarka 2d 21:00 ticket
Movie poster Totem
Original title: Totem
Production: Polska , 2017
Category: action / drama
Release Date: 24 November 2017
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Jakub Charon
Cast: Karol Bernacki, Małgorzata Krukowska, Joanna Majstrak

A real-life, action-packed cinema that shows the world of modern Polish crime to ordinary people. "Totem" was inspired by real events. In many roles there are "true" players, real criminals and gangsters. In the lead roles: a rising star of the young generation - Karol Biernacki, a very popular and charismatic rapper Michał "SOBOT" Sobolewski, rapper, member of the controversial band "Albanian Gang" and a very successful competitor KSW - Paweł "POPEK" Mikołajuw and talented actresses: Małgorzata Krukowska , Joanna Majrop and daughter of Bogusław Linda - Alexander Linda. Directed by Jakub Charon - debutant in the plot of the short film "Focus". "Totem" was produced by Lightcraft, which took part in such films as "LAST FAMILY", "CARTE BLANCHE", "JEZIORAK" and "RÓŻA".

Wild (Karol Biernacki) after leaving the jail and becomes a goalkeeper in the nightclub. His girlfriend - Dagmara, one of the dancers working in it. Ambition tells him to seek a better life, and the young boy wants to break free from the social plight. The model for him is his brother Igor (Saturday) - a gangster headed by a criminal group in the city. But he does not want the Wild to enter his murky world. Dagmary's pregnancy coincides with the brutal treatment of a girl by a group of clients. Wild learns of a big deal on the illicit drug market. He decides to take revenge on the people who want to hurt his girlfriend and with the help of Igor decides to rob the bandits. This gives rise to exciting gang battles and spiral revenge, which no one will be able to master.

"The film's action is in the world that exists next to us, but for the most part it is closed and inaccessible. This is the world in which the law of the jungle governs. Only strong individuals can survive. "- Jakub Charon, director

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Average rate: 3.0
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Monia6788 8. November 2017, 21:21

Czekam na premiere <3

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