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Grace Of Monaco

Directed by: Olivier Dahan

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Movie poster Grace księżna Monako
Original title: Grace Of Monaco
Runtime: 103 min.
Production: USA , 2014
Category: biography / drama
Release Date: 16 May 2014
Distribution: Monolith

Directed by: Olivier Dahan
Cast: Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Milo Ventimiglia

White gloves, a tweed suit from Christian Dior, Gucci scarf, coral lipstick palette and subtle Estée Lauder perfume Caleche. Residents of Monaco still remember it perfectly. Although the death of Grace Kelly's been more than 30 years, the Duchess still present in their memory. They see it as lost in thought walking around the Cote d'Azur and dreaming about leaving the beloved America. It was there, until the day of her death, waited for her best film directors and producers, in the hope that I'll ever Grace will play in their films and dazzle audiences smile. Monakijczycy also mention how in the area of ​​Nice, and Grasse charming swept away by wild flowers, which she did after stunning collages.

Grace Kelly for years been a model for many women around the world, a fashion icon, and an inspiration for major designers. Karl Lagerfeld for today reiterates how much regrets not see the Princess as an old woman. He is convinced that even 80-year-old Grace would be one of the most beautiful and best-dressed aristocrats. And probably right. Beloved Prince Rainier had class, chic and unique sense of style that emanated from her already when she was a teenager. It was said that combined the refinement and erotic charisma. It's hard to believe that this adored and admired woman, a great actress, one of the most photographed women 50s, as well as exemplary mother fought complexes and grew up in the belief that beauty is not her forte ...

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Movie trailer: Grace Of Monaco

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Ala 8. June 2014, 20:59

Film bardzo ładny,wzruszający, świetna gra Kidman. Wart obejrzenia i nie jest to stracony czas a film nie tylko dla kobiet .

goga 18. May 2014, 12:43

Kidman do tej roli świetnie się nadaje i dała z siebie wszystko. Film dla kobiet - emocje głównej bohaterki, niezrozumienie w życiu osobistym, stroje... Jeśli chodzi o politykę, to mogą mieć pretensje Francuzi, pokazani jako agresorzy, ale jeśli to prawda...

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