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Sergio and Sergei

Directed by: Ernesto Daranas

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Movie poster Sergio i Sergei
Original title: Sergio and Sergei
Runtime: 93 min.
Production: Kuba/Hiszpania , 2017
Category: drama
Release Date: 4 January 2019

Directed by: Ernesto Daranas
Cast: Camila Arteche, A.J. Buckley, Ana Gloria Buduen

The authentic story of a Russian astronaut imprisoned in space.

1991. Sergio, professor of Marxist philosophy, is trying to make ends meet when, as a result of the collapse of the USSR, Kuba is facing a great economic crisis. At the same time, Sergey, the last Soviet cosmonaut is forgotten and imprisoned on the broken Mir orbital station. Coincidentally, the Russian makes radio contact with Sergio. The Cuban professor, who is the only hope for Sergei's rescue, decides to publicize the matter and makes contact with a well-known American journalist, who in turn follows the CIA.

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