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To the Arctic 3D

Directed by: Greg MacGillivray

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Movie poster Arktyka 3D
Original title: To the Arctic 3D
Runtime: 40 min.
Production: USA , 2012
Release Date: 12 October 2012
Distribution: Cinema City Poland

Directed by: Greg MacGillivray
Cast: Danuta Stenka

A story about love, family and survival
in the harshest place on Earth.

There is a place - incredibly clean and undefiled - to extreme conditions. The views are breathtaking, but few could experience them for yourself. Thanks to the "Arctic 3D '- a new release on the giant IMAX screens - now it's about to change! Embark on an incredible journey to one of the most remote and spectacularly beautiful places in the world and experience a thrilling story of love, family and hope. All in a great digital picture and sound quality of IMAX.

The creators of the film - "The Arctic 3D" - through the use of 3D technology take viewers on an extraordinary journey to the peaks of the world, which has so far seen a few. The protagonist of the story is the polar bear, who takes care of two siedmiomiesięcznych bears. Crossing the Arctic wilderness, the bear family is struggling to survive in a frigid environment of melting ice, immense glaciers, waterfalls and majestic phenomenal snow-capped peaks.

The film is directed - twice nominated for an Academy Award - Greg MacGillivray ("The Living Sea", "Dolphins"), while the soundtrack with songs composed by Paul McCartney, Steve Wood. In the Polish language version voiced by Danuta Stenka.

"During the 45 years the production of films, many of which were of the oceans or remote areas, I was still unprepared for what I found in the far North. Everything is here on a large scale, and the sky seems to stretch on forever. Her beauty and pure magnificence in itself is a compelling subject, but the possibility of filming the IMAX cameras gave us the opportunity to create a spectacular shots in a way that has never been seen "- says Greg MacGillivray, director of the film.

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Movie trailer: To the Arctic 3D

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