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Run Boy Run

Lauf Junge lauf
Directed by: Pepe Danquart

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Movie poster Biegnij, chłopcze, biegnij
Original title: Lauf Junge lauf
Runtime: 108 min.
Production: Francja, Niemcy, Polska , 2014
Release Date: 10 January 2014
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Pepe Danquart
Cast: Jeanette Hain, Rainer Bock, Sebastian Hulk

Amazing and touching story that really happened. Directed by Academy Award winner Pepe Danquart. The international cast galaxy of stars of Polish cinema. In the lead role, plays together with twin brother Andrew, Kamil Tkacz, whose debut in the famous and award-winning "I want to live" by Maciej Pieprzyca captivated the world. "Run, boy, run" is filming translated into 15 languages ​​bestseller Uri Orleva.
Moving the fate of the eight-year fugitive from the Warsaw ghetto, who lost his entire family and are dependent on the help of strangers. Goes home benevolent women (Elizabeth Duda). A woman decides to go out and persuades him to the safety adopted a new identity - an orphaned Polish Roman Catholics. As a result of the dramatic twist of events, the boy has to leave the guest house and moving in full of adventures and dangers journey through a country at war. With the help of Polish Families and the assumed identity, trying to survive the nightmare of occupation.

"Heavy fate of the little boy in the midst of the horrors of war are so unlikely that it's hard to believe that it really took place. However, this is true. The boy survived, is now an old man, and willingly tells his story. "- Pepe Danquart, director

"The writers managed to create a film adaptation of a great book, drew from it, and most importantly, without losing a bit of its emotional impact. With great sensitivity and intuition keen observer has woven adventure story, reported by the child who grabs the viewer by the throat and does not let go until the very last scene. "Run Boy Run" is an ode in honor of the life of faith and hope. "- Susanne Kusche and Uwe Spiller, manufacturers

"It's authentic, acquiring a story that is not at all pessimistic. The story of strength, hope and courage. "- Pepe Danquart, director

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Jolanta 21. April 2014, 17:01

Super film,wzruszajacy do szpiku kosci....moj 15 -letni syn byl zszokowany i zachwycony.
W Niemczech ma ten film super krytyki..

Krystian 21. March 2014, 20:03

znam tych 2 blizniakow chodzili ze mna do podstawowki :D

Karolina 15. January 2014, 18:30

Piękny,wzruszający film o małym dzielnym chłopcu,który nigdy sie nie poddał!!!
Warty obejrzenia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
polecam,polecam i jeszcze raz polecam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oto 12. January 2014, 13:22

Też o nim nie słyszałem. Jak wrażenia?

tpk 12. January 2014, 9:22

Jeśli o tym filmie nie słyszałeś, to znaczy, że miałeś wyłączone wszystkie media w ciągu ostatniego miesiąca...:) Warto również odnotować fakt, że Pokłosie nagłośnili tzw polscy patrioci, więc czekam kiedy nagłośnią i ten film...

Zabrzeski 7. January 2014, 10:58

Coś o filmie nie słyszałem pewnie dlatego że w filmie polacy pomagają żydom. Nie pasuje to do lansowanej opowiastki że jesteśmy narodem sprawców. Proszę sobie porównać reklamę pokłosia.

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