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Movie poster Fighter
Original title: Fighter
Production: Polska , 2019
Category: action / drama / sport
Release Date: 19 July 2019
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Konrad Maximilian
Cast: Piotr Stramowski, Mikołaj Roznerski, Katarzyna Maciąg

The hottest last names, idols and stars of frequent hits - Piotr Stramowski and Mikołaj Roznerski in a fierce struggle, the winner of which can be only one! The film "Fighter" directed by Konrad Maximilian is an adrenaline-fighting martial cinema filled with action, emotions and a real glory of fame. At the side of the performers of the main roles we will see, among others: Katarzyna Maciąg, Aleksandra Szwed, Krzysztof Stelmaszyk, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Tomasz Oświeciński, Anna Karczmarczyk, Daniel "Qczaj" Kuczaja and Jarosław Boberk. In the background, championship celebrities from the world of boxing and MMA: Krzysztof "Diablo" Włodarczyk, Andrzej Fonfara and Marcin "Różal" Różalski, who apart from guest performances were also consultants of film sequences of fights. Piotr Uznański and the award-winning operator Arkadiusz Tomiak are the authors of the production. "Fighter" is not just a movie, it's a real knockout!

Former MMA fighter - Tomek Janicki (Piotr Stramowski) had everything: fame, money and beautiful Agata (Aleksandra Szwed) at his side. On the horizon, the fight for the master belt with the boxer-celebrated Marek "Pretty Boy" Chmielewski (Mikołaj Roznerski). However, a few bad decisions were enough to let Tomek's career fall apart from day to day. As a consequence, the infamous athlete decided to leave the city to build a new life. A chance for it arises when a doctor - Magda (Katarzyna Maciąg) meets a charismatic doctor away from the media hubbub. The couple fall in love with each other, but black clouds gather over Tomek again. Blackmailer blackmailed by a dangerous gangster has no choice. He must return to the ring and face his old rival. But this time on his terms - in an uncompromising, boxing clash that will be watched by all of Poland.

Average rate: 8.0
rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0 rating 8.0
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