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Directed by: Poul Berg

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Movie poster Haker
Original title: Hacker
Runtime: 97 min.
Production: Dania , 2019
Category: action / family
Release Date: 7 February 2020
Distribution: Vivarto

Directed by: Poul Berg
Cast: Mille Dinesen, Signe Egholm Olsen, Morten Suurballe

Benjamin is 13 years old and is already a successful hacker. For him, the world of the internet is a stepping stone from everyday hardships. The boy at the age of seven lost his mother and never met his father. One day, he is visited by two men from an interview claiming that they have found a video recording of Benjamin's mother. As the shock passes, Benjamin decides to start his own investigation into what happened to his parent. Savannah, who lives with him in the same center, comes to his aid. It soon turns out that his mother was not who he thought her and was involved in a secret government mission

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