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Bad Poems

Rossz versek
Directed by: Gabor Reisz

Cinema program "Bad Poems" in Kraków

Cinema   Thursday, 22 October
Morning Afternoon Evening
Kino Mikro 14:45 ticket
Movie poster Najgorsze wiersze świata
Original title: Rossz versek
Runtime: 97 min.
Production: Węgry , 2018
Release Date: 4 September 2020
Distribution: Aurora Films

Directed by: Gabor Reisz
Cast: Gabor Reisz, Katica Nagy, Zsolt Kovacs

The life of Tamás, 33, turns upside down in an instant. He is thrown by a girl, as a result of which a desperate man decides to change Paris into his native Budapest.

Returning to regions well known to him is to help the protagonist recover and forget about unhappy love. A sentimental journey to his childhood and adolescence turns out to be a kind of therapy for Tamás. Memories are not only a search for different shades of love, but also an attempt to understand the current situation. A man quickly learns how much influence our past has in shaping our personality and identity.

Thanks to this, he begins to realize how complicated and sometimes completely incomprehensible human relationships can be.
By depicting the various faces of his hero, Hungarian director Gábor Reisz (he is also a screenwriter and actor here) creates a universal story about the world around us, in which people are unable to build lasting and deep relationships. At the same time, he does not avoid humor, irony or absurdity, perfectly maintaining the proportions between comedy and drama.

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