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Doubles vies
Directed by: Olivier Assayas

Cinema program "Non-Fiction" in Kraków

Cinema   Sunday, 19 May
Morning Afternoon Evening
Agrafka 18:15 ticket
Cinema City Bonarka 2d 12:10 14:30 16:50 ticket 19:20 ticket
Cinema City Galeria Kazimierz 2d 10:50 17:30 ticket 19:50 ticket 22:10 ticket
Cinema City Plaza 2d 13:20 16:30 ticket 18:50 ticket 21:10 ticket
Cinema City Zakopianka 2d 14:20 16:40 ticket 19:00 ticket
Kijów.Centrum 18:30
Kino Kika 15:00 20:00 ticket
Kino Mikro 20:00 ticket
Kino Pod Baranami 12:45
Kino Pod Baranami w MOS 18:30 ticket
Paradox 20:15
Movie poster Podwójne życie
Original title: Doubles vies
Runtime: 108 min.
Production: Francja , 2018
Category: comedy / drama / romance
Release Date: 17 May 2019
Distribution: Gutek Film

Directed by: Olivier Assayas
Cast: Guillaume Canet, Juliette Binoche, Vincent Macaign

Seductive and perverse, the latest film by Olivier Assayas ("Sils Maria", "Personal Shopper") is playing with the concept of fidelity. In "Double Life" it involves both a few of the betraying people, a perverse relationship of fiction to reality, as well as a technological revolution that makes us abandon old habits. In the rapidly changing world, e-books are bitten out by paper books, young mistresses - aging wives, and TV series - cinematic plots. Only one thing changes: the new ones are always the most exciting.

Assayas made members of the Parisian bohemia, experiencing the crisis of the middle age, their heroes. Leonard, a writer who likes to be offline (Vincent Macaigne), wants to release another novel, which is a record of a romance with an actress. His publisher, handsome careerist Alain (in this role, a super star of the French cinema - Guillaume Canet), rejects the book, because he is now much more passionate about the world of e-books, specifically an attractive adviser for digitalisation. For Alain, his wife, dreaming about the ambitious role of the serial actress Selena (fantastic, self-ironical performance of Juliette Binoche) meets with a writer whose partner also does not know about betrayal, because he is too busy embracing the PR of a dual-life politician ...

On this splot of sex, lies and literature, Assayas looks with understanding and humor (critics emphasize that "Double Life" is his best comedy!), Declaring in one of the interviews: "We became such moralists that I wanted to make a bit immoral movie" . The inspiration for this light, like a reader - and equally capacious - comedy-drama is undoubtedly the sexy cinema of the master Eric Rohmer. Some also write about the similarities to the best films of Woody Allen - with Assayas there is definitely more wine.

Average rate: 3.0
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