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Cinema program "Ostwind" in Kraków

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Movie poster Wicher
Original title: Ostwind
Runtime: 101 min.
Production: Niemcy , 2013
Category: adventure / drama / family
Release Date: 25 May 2018
Distribution: Bomba Film

Directed by: Katja von Garnier
Cast: Hanna Binke, Marvin Linke, Cornelia Froboess

"The rebellious teenager, Mika, is sent by her parents on holiday to a long-unseen grandmother, where she is going to spend the summer preparing for a retake exam. The Kaltenbach estate is nothing like the big-city everyday life of Mika: stables, horses, fields, nature, but at the same time a discipline, a clear hierarchy. This is where the girl experiences an absolute change in her life path. The film "Wicher" touches on topics that are very important in the process of maturation: discovering yourself, your own weaknesses and strengths, shaping your self-esteem. But also - more in the relational aspect, rather than intrapsychic - it affects the bonds with parents and grandparents, the issue of intergenerational transmissions. What messages do I get from my mother? And what did her mother tell her? What are family myths in our family? What taboo topics? What resources does my family have? What are family traditions to me, do I know them? What do I want to accept and what do I reject? (...)

"Nothing is so damaged that it can not be repaired" is a kind of film motto. Full of adventures and extreme emotions, summer in the countryside has enriched Mica with a large dose of life's wisdom and experience. "

Aleksandra Grzybczak, MA - psychologist, psychotherapist (psychological analysis for KinoSzkoła)

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Average rate: 3.0
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