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Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal

Volki i ovtsy. Khod sviney
Directed by: Vladimir Nikolaev

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Movie poster Wilk w owczej skórze 2
Original title: Volki i ovtsy. Khod sviney
Runtime: 85 min.
Production: Rosja , 2019
Category: animation / adventure / comedy / family
Release Date: 2 August 2019
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Vladimir Nikolaev
Cast: Graham Halstead, Major Attaway, Jason Griffith, Oliver Wyman

Even more magical, witty and crazy adventure will begin when two friendly beasts of wolves and sheep find a nice ... pig! The creators of the hit series "The Snow Queen" and the classic Disney fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" invite you to the second portion of the action and attractions in the world full of spells. Time for crazy animals, their mysterious potions and surprising changes, in which it is very easy to have a funny mistake!

Once upon a time, a young wolf named Gray, as a result of magical powers, was turned into a sheep. Thanks to the good heart and great courage, he managed to disenchant it. From then on, wolves and sheep began living in harmony and lived together in a small but friendly town. However, this does not mean the end of trouble. Real trouble will begin when the leader of another wolf pack learns about this carefree coexistence of two seemingly hostile species. The new predators will do everything to hunt the innocent sheep and teach them to their friends howling to the moon. Residents of a peaceful town will have to work together to defend themselves against invaders. And it will not be easy, because bad wolves have a secret weapon. This is a crazy spear who has recipes for all magical potions in the little finger of his big foot. You just need to be careful not to confuse ingredients ...

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Movie trailer: Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal

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