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Bárbara Lennie - filmography

21 June 2019

Directed by: Jaime Rosales
Cast: Bárbara Lennie, Alex Brendemuhl, Joan Botey

A new film by Jaime Rosales, the Spanish master of slow cinema with the outstanding role of Bárbara Lennie.

Greek tragedy in modern times.

The main character, Petra, never met her father, and his... more

15 March 2019

Todos lo saben
Directed by: Asghar Farhadi
Cast: Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Bárbara Lennie
Category: crime / drama / mystery / thriller

"Everyone knows" is the misleading, surprising and up to the end misleading trophies of Asghar Farhadi's new movie. Thanks to this masterfully drama drama with elements of crime story and love story,... more

1 December 2017

Una especie de familia
Directed by: Diego Lerman
Cast: Bárbara Lennie, Daniel Aráoz, Claudio Tolcachir
Category: crime / drama / thriller

Malena (38) is a middle-class doctor who lives and works in Buenos Aires. The woman with her husband unsuccessfully strives for the offspring, recently lost a child. After this traumatic experience, she... more

12 June 2015

Magical Girl
Directed by: Carlos Vermut
Cast: Luis Bermejo, Bárbara Lennie, Jose Sacristan, Israel Elejalde, Lucía Pollán, Elisabet Gelabert
Category: drama / thriller

"Magical Girl" is the winner of the project Scope50.

"Magical Girl" was also awarded for Best Film and Best Director at the Film Festival in San Sebastian, a lead actress Bàrbara Lennie was awarded... more

12 December 2014

El Niño
Directed by: Daniel Monzon
Cast: Ian McShane, Luis Tosar, Sergi Lopez, Bárbara Lennie
Category: drama / thriller

Every year, 500 tons of drugs exceeds the limits of Morocco and Spain. Never before 9 miles was not so valuable. Never, it was not so dangerous. Producers of the film "Impossible" represent new... more

Directed by: Monxo Armendáriz
Cast: Bárbara Lennie, Pilar López de Ayala, Eduard Fernández, Juan Diego Botto

Do położonej w mitycznym regionie północnej Hiszpanii Obaby przyjeżdża młoda nauczycielka Lourdes, która za pomocą kamery chce uchwycić życie miasteczka i jego mieszkańców. Ta magiczna podróż w głąb... more

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